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Sitting for the CPA Exam vs Becoming Licensed

The number #1 thing to know about applying to sit for the CPA exam is the difference between SITTING and becoming LICENSED.

You can sit for the CPA Exam with as few as 120 college credits.

To become licensed, you need 150 college credits.

Why is this important?

The sooner you can sit for the CPA Exam, the better!

In most situations, it’s more important to pass the exam before worrying about getting licensed.

You can always earn 150 credit hours + hit your work experience requirements to become licensed after you pass.

Another thing to consider is that if you can pass a section or two before you start working full-time, it will make your life so much easier.

My State Requires 150 Credit Hours To Sit!

Not every state allows you to sit with 120 credit hours. If your state doesn’t give you this option, then just apply to sit in a state that does.

FUN FACT: You can apply to sit in a state you do NOT live in. Once you pass all you have to do is file some paperwork to transfer your pass credits to the state you want to work in.

Other CPA Exam Requirements

Every state and territory that allows you to sit for the CPA exam is slightly different.

Some have varying education, age, and residency requirements.

For the most up-to-date information on what you need to do before you apply, please visit.

NOTE: If you are an international CPA Candidate, please visit


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We want to hold your hand through the entire planning and application process to save you time and to help you avoid making mistakes that hold you back.

Once you are approved to sit, the next step is to find a CPA exam mentor to help you hit the ground running!

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Sitting for the CPA Exam vs Becoming Licensed

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