Big Box "Coaching" vs Kesler CPA Mentorship

The most important factor in determining if you will pass the CPA exam is knowing...

HOW to plan.
HOW to study.
HOW to use your time most efficiently.
HOW to keep yourself focused and motivated.

It does NOT matter if you have thousands of questions and hundreds of hours of video lectures.

If you don't have a proven study system in place to follow…

…and a live class schedule with assigned homework to guide you…

You are setting yourself up for failure.

Let's compare how the Big Box courses prep you for this vs Kesler CPA Review.


Unlock Success with Kesler CPA Review’s Mentorship & Accountability Program

Kesler CPA Review is your ultimate ally. Get proactive, personalized advice, sidestep rookie mistakes, and master the CPA Exam with any study tools.Here's how the process works:

Empowerment Launchpad: Begin by fortifying your mindset and igniting your confidence to pass.

Custom Roadmaps: Equip yourself with tools and tailored advice for meticulously planning every section - from start to pass.

Learning Style Alchemy: Uncover your learning style and trim the excess from your CPA review course.

Time Crafting: Learn to carve out study time, even with a full-time job, and engage family and friends in your journey.

Study Method Mastery: Master the art of studying with any course, including big box courses and Kesler CPA Review.

Test Taking Ninja: Evolve into an exam virtuoso, vanquishing test anxiety.

Prepare for All Outcomes: Receive a bespoke, dual-path plan for passing or rebounding from a setback.

Community Pillar: Join a private, well-curated study group of fellow aspirants on the path to CPA glory.

Accountability Partnerships: Benefit from weekly email check-ins through our Accountability Partner Program, led by CPA exam experts.

Expert Tutors at Your Fingertips: Reach out to our tutor squad for any technical accounting queries.

And That’s Just the Beginning!: This is just the tip of the iceberg; there's a treasure trove of resources waiting for you!


VS... Study System Support From Your Typical Big Box Course

Typical Big Box Courses give you a one-size fits all study plan that is barely tailored to your situation that typically follows these 5 steps:

Here's a study planner (digital or spreadsheet) just plugin a random date for your next section.

Here's a 3-minute tutorial on how to use our platformHere's a support email if you need help (very reactive)

Here are some automated emails to keep you engaged

Here's access to a chaotic study group that is sometimes moderated

Big Box Courses tell you WHAT to know and WHEN to know it by but then skip over HOW to do it!

This Leaves You Just Studying & Praying You Are Doing Everything Right...

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