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If You Don’t Know HOW To Study, It’s Hard To Pass the CPA Exam.


If you are just starting out with the CPA exam process, are currently studying, OR have recently failed a section and don’t know where to turn…

…you can save time and money by finding a CPA exam mentor who has experience helping others avoid making score-draining mistakes and optimizing their study routines.

I’ll use myself as an example!

My biggest blindspot with the CPA exam was glossing over the fact that I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I was going with my gut instead of following a step-by-step process of someone who had experience passing the CPA exam (and helping others do it!).

Trying to do it all alone led to me failing five sections in a row…

This is why I created a mentorship program for Kesler CPA Review.

No candidate should have to rely on their gut to make crucial decisions in this process.

If you invest in a CPA Review Course, my philosophy is that we should not only teach you WHAT to know (with our advanced learning platform) but also HOW to execute.

This is why if you use Kesler CPA Review…

It will be the fastest way for you to create the PERFECT study plan that helps you achieve the PERFECT grasp of the AICPA blueprints while receiving the PERFECT support to keep you moving forward no matter what happens.

With Kesler CPA Review, you will get access to my innovative study techniques, private study group, expert tutors, advanced learning platform, and smart materials designed to help you hit the ground running…

You will also receive personalized guidance from experienced CPA exam coaches via email, who will help you stay motivated and on track with your studies.

For many, having a mentor will speed up your passing process by months, some years.

Watch sample mentorship modules below to get a taste of the Kesler CPA Mentorship Style.

MODULE 3B: 7 Steps To Maximizing Your CPA Review Course Productivity

MODULE 5: Retaining What You Learn With Kesler CPA Study Loops

Get the support and guidance you need to pass the CPA exam with confidence! With Kesler CPA Review, success is within reach.Once you have completed our mentorship program Ultimate CPA Exam Guide, the next step is to create a study plan.

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