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The CPA Exam Is NOT A Marathon. It’s Four Sprints Back To Back To Back To Back!


If anyone tells you that you only need ONE study planner, then they are wrong…

There are two phases to studying for a section of the CPA Exam.

The Learning (Study Loop) Phase and the Final Review (Study Funnel) Phase.

NOTE: If you are studying for a retake then you don’t want to study like it’s a brand new section, you should treat it as a final review (Study Funnel) phase!

Each phase has a specific purpose, and you need a specific plan for each to ensure you optimize your time.

For example…

If you give yourself TOO much time to study then you burn out and can’t retain everything you learn.

If you don’t have enough time… obviously, you can’t cover all the material.

The problem with the Big Box Course study planners is that they are generic and don’t consider YOUR current situation.

This is the Kesler CPA Review difference.

If you are working 20 hours a week or 60 hours a week, we will help you create a personalized study plan for your situation for the learning phase AND your final review phase.

Our ultimate goal is to do whatever it takes to help you spend at least 15-25 hours per week of HIGH-quality study time and review.

Will it be easy?


Will it help you pass faster than just blindly following a generic study plan not tailored to your situation?

Heck YES!

With the Kesler CPA Review Study Looping and Final Review Adaptive Study Funnel planners, you will be able to execute these plans with ease and update them as life happens.

Here’s a demo of how the study planners work hand in hand.

So how do you know what section to take next?

How long do you need to spend on each section studying?

In what order should I sit for the exam?

Let’s answer all of these questions and more with a free sample training model from Ultimate CPA Exam Guide!

MODULE 2B: Creating A FLEXIBLE Roadmap To Passing The CPA Exam

When you unlock our premium Kesler CPA planning tools, you will also get access to our CPA exam experts, who can hold your hand through the entire planning process.

Once you have a plan, the next step is to find accountability!

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